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Do you want to be a sponsor of SHATiS'19 too?

SHATiS, International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures, is one of the most targeted international event on timber engineering that brings together engineers, manufacturers, architects, designers, managers, researchers and academics to present and discuss the latest developments in the conservation and intervention on timber structures. SHATiS attracts submissions and participants from both academia and industry and thus provides a valuable connection between research and engineering communities.

This event is held every two years to foster international collaboration in the latest developments in the timber community, both academia and industry. It will have keynote sessions and educational presentations that disseminate research, inspire designers and new research, presents the latest application in industry. Additionally, special sessions, workshops and other initiatives will be organised, further enlarging the public outreach.

The SHATiS organising committee is offering numerous sponsorship opportunities designed to provide maximum value and exposure to our supporters. Sponsoring the SHATiS Conference in Guimarães provides an excellent opportunity for your organisation to gain face-to-face exposure to national and international delegates from academia and industry, in addition to networking with an audience of engineers and architects, researchers, consultants, constructors, students and people engaged in the conservation, design and rehabilitation of timber structures.

The sponsorship conditions and relative costs are presented below.



● The logo of the Sponsor will be included in the website, in a slide show to be shown during the session intervals, in the book of extended abstracts, and in the USB stick with full papers.

● Opportunity to insert promotional material into the delegate satchel.

● List of conference participants’ contact details provided two weeks prior to conference, excluding those who have indicated they require privacy.

● One conference package that includes the contents given to regular participants (only the package not the registration).


● All of the benefits of the Bronze sponsorship.

● A visible banner in the conference hall (0,8m x 2,5m).

● One full registration.


● All of the benefits of the Silver sponsorship.

● The logo of the Sponsor will be included on the conference banner.

● One stand (3m x 2m) of the technical exhibition.

● Two full registrations. ;


● All of the benefits of the Gold sponsorship.

● Verbal acknowledgement at the opening and closing ceremonies.

● A visible banner in each conference room as well as in the conference hall (0,8m x 2,5m).

● The name of the company will be used as name of one the conference rooms.

● The logo of the company will be printed on one side of the USB stick distributed to the attendees.

● Two stands (3m x 2m) of the technical exhibition.

● Three full registrations.

*All prices exclusive of VAT.  


Other sponsorship possibilities

In addition to the sponsorship modalities presented above, it is always possible to analyse other types of participation on a case-by-case basis.

For more details or any questions, please contact the organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).






















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For general information about the conference, including registration, please contact us at:
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